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The International Anti Corruption Crime and Control Force is a registered institution. The National President of this institution is Suman Saini Ji. Which is working to make the public aware against corruption all over India. This institution has been dedicated to social service for many years. The campaign for corruption free India campaign under the leadership of Suman Saini is being launched in all India year. Which is playing an important role in freeing India corruption. A large number of retired officers of India are joining the institute and raising their voice for social service, and India is corruption free, there are propaganda for this in place. All of you are requested to cooperate more and more by joining the institution to eliminate any kind of corruption in India, So that our organization can cooperate with the poor and helpless people on an increasing scale, and try to get rid of the corruption that is happening day by day. Your cooperation is the support of all of us.


Our Mission

All India Anti Corruption Committee is working against corruption, atrocities, irregularities, illegalities, misuse of the Govt. funds, post & power. For better representation of poor innocent people and to save from the hands of corruption Because corruption has become the lubricant for all Govt. Machineries & it is spreading like deadly diseases: CANCER, AIDS, etc.

Our Organization Moto

✔ Janata Janardan's dispensary, come to Dharamshala to get schools etc. built and make arrangements for them.

✔ To work for the welfare of cows and their descendants.

✔ To build places of worship etc. for public welfare and to take care of them.

✔ To handle management and administration, to make arrangements and to work for their advocacy.

✔ Mobilizing means of physical, economic, social and religious progress for the welfare of the society.

✔ To give financial assistance to the human society suffering from divine or accidental death.

✔To take appropriate measures to remove the evils spread in the human society.

✔ Publishing religious literature and magazines.

✔ Organizing discourses of sages, sages, sages etc.

✔ Arranging food etc. for the saints and people suffering from diseases. meditation, yoga practice and opening of an ashram.

✔ To work against corruption and crime with the help of administration. For the oppression of women and to remove evils like child marriage.

✔To prevent any illegal recovery or harassment by government non-government employees. Any person will be able to take advantage of all the above provisions without any caste or creed discrimination.


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Chairman’s Message

International anti-corruption crime and control force make Committee work very effectively and to spread awareness among all the layman’s about our Committee, as to rub out all the culprits from spreading Corruption by joining more and more members to our Committee and make our Nation free from this bad evil of Corruption.

National Chief

Suman Saini


“People’s indifference is the best breeding ground for corruption to grow”

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